Tom Friedman: Later is not an Option

Pulitzer Prize Winner and bestselling author Thomas Freidman was the featured keynote at the Innovation in the ‘Age of Accelerations’ symposium held on 26 April 2018 at the George Mason University Science and Technology Campus. 

In his provocation Tom speaks of three climate changes occurring simultaneously: Climate, Globalization and Technology. To survive in such conditions, systems (including us humans) need to have duality in Resilience and Propulsion. Who better to model this than Mother Nature who Tom turns to for insight into strategies that lead to these essential characteristics.

This is what we should aim to be:

  • Adaptive
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Pluralistic
  • Sustainable
  • Heterdox (hybrid)

and we must embrace the laws of bankruptcy and kill our failures (and use the energy for success) all whilst embracing lifelong learning.

Where does Tom go to to learn today? ‘Small companies and the HR departments of big multinational corporations who are living on the edge of the story…that have to respond to the world as it is’.

And who is thriving in the Age of Acceleration? ‘Communities who form complex adaptive coalitions. They are the proper governing unit of the 21st century’. Watch the video to learn more.

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